Datasoft Networks

Datasoft Networks is the only authorized resellers of VOIPSWITCH and Pronto Dialers.


VOIPSWITCH is a carrier grade softswitch with an integrated billing solution and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Pronto Dialer

Pronto Dialer Express is a mobile application, which allows users to make VoIP calls from mobile phones.


Our highly integrated and full featured SIP client application is an advanced and next generation converged platform having numerous features to meet day to day requirments of novice & professionals. RFC compatibility: RFC3261, RFC3951, RFC2833.

Technical Details

  • Call Redial/ Auto Redial
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Codec Negotiation
  • Call Time Display
  • Mute
  • Speaker (with Ringer Device Selection)
  • Real-Time Account Balance Display
  • Time Reminder Display
  • PSTN connectivity using SIP gateways & soft-switches
  • Audio Codec G729, GSM
  • PC to Phone & phone to PC calling
  • SIP UDP utility
  • Large Address Book
  • Credit Balance Display
  • Voice Mail Notification
  • Full Duplex Audio Recording
  • Balance calculation and display while the calling
  • Call History
  • Audio tuning wizard

Dedicated Voipswitch with Pronto and Datasoft Dialers $89/Month
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Cloud Voipswitch with Pronto and Datasoft Dialers $69/Month
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PRONTO Dialers $49/Month
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